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Jackie's page

Meet Jacqueline Velasquez. She bought HICKORY ACRE SMART from me several years ago. This fancy stallion is from HICKORY ACRE DOC'S first foal crop and here they are today! Jackie is a super savy horsewoman and has done an outstanding job with this young stallion. I am just so proud of them both!!

Below is the note I copied and pasted from Jackie. THANK YOU, JACKIE!
Thought you might like to see how my little man is doing...when I look at the way those other stallions behave around there, this little guy always impresses me. He's so well behaved even when the mares and babies are running around in front of him. He still has his moments when the hormones get to him, but he's almost always a perfect angel. One of the guys out there had look at his stuff because he wouldn't believe that he was a stallion by the way he behaves, kind of like a big puppy. We still have a lot of work to do, I lost a lot of time in the last year, but he is extremely well behaved up in the hills, getting used to all the birds and squirrels that jump up out of nowhere...water will be our next challenge, but he is a quick learner...


Jackie riding Spirit with her filly by HICKORYS ACRE DOC at her side.
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